What to Look for in a Designer Candidate, Beyond the Software

Last month we described the trade of design, utilizing experience and knowledge of the field, in addition to being able to utilize the CAD software. This month we will point out some things we look for in a designer candidate that sets them apart, hopefully leading to a successful hire. First on the list, a strong experienced designer should have at least 10 years of experience, most of which is spent in one or two disciplines. (Ex: Mechanical, Machine Design, Structural Steel, Process and Piping, Electrical and Instrumentation, etc.) It’s helpful for a designer to have had exposure to multiple disciplines during their career, but ideally their focus/strength should be in one or two. Also, we pay attention to the types of projects they have worked on to make sure there is close relativity to the types of projects that our company engages in.

Other things we look for:

  • Is their experience mostly in Government or Industrial? There is a difference!
  • Have they progressed in their career, beginning as a Drafter, then promoted to Designer, then to Sr. Designer?
  • Have they worked on projects beginning at the conceptual phase and followed the project through to detail design and preparation of 2D drawing packages?
  • Have they checked work by others? Have they led work with others?

Checking the boxes on these few tips covers most of the strengths that we look for which usually lands a successful candidate.

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