360° Laser Scanning for 3D

For facilities constructed prior to CAD modeling, little or no documentation of what was constructed exists, or in many cases, the documentation does not accurately match the existing structure. The lack of documentation can cause delays in retrofit projects, where engineers and designers need exact dimensions of existing structures in order to understand what needs to be fabricated and constructed. Traditionally, engineering and construction methods rely on the collection and assembly of information from existing drawings and manual field measurements to produce updated CAD models; however, this method can be both time-consuming and costly.

For IDI, utilizing 3D laser scanning technology offers an efficient, cost-effective solution for both 2D and 3D retrofit projects. By integrating laser scanning into their workflow, IDI has been able to provide a faster and more efficient means of collecting as-is conditions of undocumented facilities.

The laser scanner’s comprehensive data collection eliminates the need for return trips to a client facility for additional measurements, and the data collected provides a permanent record that can be used many times over in future design projects. For example, IDI often uses the point cloud data collected using the laser scanner in facility management projects to show the exact location of various machinery; the data helps clients to quickly identify component failures, while minimizing plant downtime. 

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