IDI is based near Oak Ridge, Tenn., which is home to not only Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Y-12—who we’ve worked with for the past 15 years—but also a number of nuclear-related facilities and process plants. The proximity has led to deep expertise among our team and has allowed us to thoughtfully hone our approach: We see safety, operability, and maintenance as the three main elements of each project and put great emphasis on the importance of collaborating with our nuclear industry clients’ safety and environmental personnel, radiation personnel, operations manager, and maintenance managers.

How this comes to life: When a nuclear processing facility needed to replace the roof over their main processing building, which is a highly classified and heavily radiation-monitored area of the plant, we put our 3D laser scanning capability to use. IDI captured the process area and structure to use as a tool in developing a 3D design and a plan on how to safely remove the old roof and construct the new. Part of the design required a temporary barrier between the roof joists and the fragile equipment below for protection of the equipment as well as the workers.

Areas of Expertise:

· Nuclear waste treatment

· Nuclear waste consolidation

· Non-nuclear uranium processing

· Spent resin handling

· Nuclear waste material handling

· Gloveboxes

· Hot cells

· Plant utilities

· Ventilation

· Control systems

· Decommission and demolition

· Classified process projects

· 3D conceptual design of consolidated facilities

· Detail design of nuclear consolidated processes