Specialty Services

360° Laser Scanning for 3D

For facilities constructed prior to CAD modeling, little or no documentation of what was constructed exists, or in many cases, the documentation does not accurately match the existing structure. The lack of documentation can cause delays in retrofit projects, where engineers and designers need exact dimensions of existing structures in order to understand what needs […]

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Dust Collection

Air Flow Calculations Dust Collection Specification Ductwork Sizing Ductwork Design and Routing Hood Design Ductwork and Equipment supports Dust Collector Foundations

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Facility Safety Upgrades

Machine Guarding Guarding is essential for protecting employees from severe injuries due to moving machine parts.  According to OSHA, any machine part, function, or process that may cause injury must be safeguarded to eliminate or control the hazards.  Whether the machine requires a fixed, movable, or interlocked guard, IDI can provide machine guarding design to […]

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Fire Protection

Fire Protection Reports Fire protection engineering analysis Building and fire code consulting Fire Hazard Analyses (FHA) Master Egress analysis & preparation Fire protection and smoke control system design & analysis Fire protection construction management Fire and egress modeling Performance-based design

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On-site staffing option

On-Site Staffing Services

IDI prides itself on providing exceptional candidates for on-site staffing requirements in a timely, cost effective, and value-added manner. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by hiring only the BEST people. We take great care to fully understand the customer’s needs and desires and, more specifically, the task requirements, prior to seeking talent. We are […]

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