From simple equipment modifications or support structures to 3D laser scanning and documenting areas of the plant for an entire new process line, the amount of direct experience and knowledge IDI has when it comes to aluminum, steel and iron casting is second to none.

For instance, one member of our staff worked for a steel manufacturer for 11 years prior to joining IDI, and some of our first clients were in the Metals industry. During our first jobs in the aluminum industry we worked alongside the nation’s top experts in the field, acquiring knowledge that we’ve applied across all our metals clients over the years.

How this takes shape: At IDI we’ve spent more than 15 years working with customers on rotary furnace design. Again, working with the experts in the field, we learned many of the intricacies involved in these designs—the need to rotate effortlessly in multi-axis and the robust refractory design and robust steel structure that are required. We’ve seen firsthand the failure of others when elements such as these are not carefully considered in the engineering and design process. Our knowledge has enabled us to work on several rotary furnace designs successfully over the years, including a recent conceptual design of an enormous 60,000# rotary furnace.

Areas of expertise:

· Material handling – conveyor and chute layouts, custom chute design

· Dust collection design

· Facility and utility upgrades

· Safe operator access machine guarding

· Furnaces

· Refractories

· Annealing

· Furnace charging

· Ingot lifting

· Surveillance systems

· Preheaters

· Control buildings

· Scrap Storage

· Crucibles

· Casting