We’ve come a long way since 1803. That’s when the first mechanized paper machine was installed in a mill in England. In the more than two centuries since, paper manufacturers have continually pushed to increase output, efficiency, and quality while reducing costs and increasing sustainability. And for more than 20 years, IDI has helped them do just that.

From delivering paper pulp process design to modifications and improvements to existing machines, IDI has helped clients reduce downtime, improve equipment maintainability, boost safety, and increase automation. In fact, one of our longest-running clients is a major pulp and paper mill in the Southeast.

Areas of Expertise:

· Paper Pulp Process Design: fiber recycling and processing, pumps and piping

· Machine design: modifications and improvements to paper machines, tissue/towel converting machines, casepackers

· Steam and condensate system design

· Dust collection and trim system design

· Facility and utility upgrades

· Safe Operator Access Machine Guarding