Signage at IDI office

Community Outreach

Here at Innovative Design, Inc. (IDI) we believe that it is every company’s duty to find ways to give back to the community. As part of our outreach goals we have rolled out several new community outreach programs to offer our expertise to the region.

IDI Educational Outreach Program (IDI EOP)

In order to encourage the next generation of engineers and designers, Innovative Design, Inc. has launched an Educational Outreach Program (IDI EOP) built around opening our doors to any academic institution looking to enrich their STEM program through real-life experience. Whether it is a need for guest speakers or an opportunity for students to see what happens in the daily operations of an engineering firm, we are here to offer our resources. We have already started discussions with several institutions in the Knoxville area, but if you would like to find out more about how you can get your school involved, please contact us.

IDI Entrepreneur Assistance Program (IDI EAP)

Over the past decade, East Tennessee has turned into one of the most entrepreneur friendly regions in the country. In order to support the unbelievable work performed by the area’s business development and entrepreneurial organizations, Innovative Design, Inc has launched an Entrepreneur Assistance Program (IDI EAP) built around donating engineering and design services to start-ups in need. During the early stages of product development, we understand how difficult it is to find affordable access to top tier engineering and design services. That’s why IDI EAP will utilize our company’s excess design and engineering capacity to help entrepreneurs brainstorm, create 3D models, or 2D detail fabrication drawings. We are ready and willing to do our part to make East Tennessee the #1 destination for start-up businesses. If you are a business development organization or entrepreneurial center in the area, we encourage you to contact us.